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Tank Level Monitoring



Class 1, Division 1 Hazardous Locations 


Introducing HazTrack


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Remote Tank Level Monitor

Reliable Tank Telemetry is a problem facing many industries

Many companies currently send technicians out to manually inspect their chemical tanks, wasting fuel, time, resources and money

  • Save money, time and fuel costs
  • Remove the need for manual work
  • Simple and effective to install

Intrinsically Safe Tank Monitor


Our Solution

Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations, the HazTracker is a safe IoT smart sensor purpose built for the hazardous materials industry. With millimeter accuracy and a lifespan of up to 10 years, this device is built locally at our manufacturing facility in Saskatoon, SK. 

HazTrack will provide daily wireless updates of your in field tank levels, along with current dispensing rates, temperature and location.

Improve your operational efficiency, while driving your companies quality, health, safety and environmental initiatives (QHSE). 


Improve your operational efficiency, with daily wireless monitoring of in-field tanks. Save money, time, labour, resources and CO2 emission's. 

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Remote Tank Monitoring


Smart Asset Monitoring

HazTrack's patent pending wireless sensors provide near real-time inventory information on tanks out in the field. 

Key Features

  • 3 Minute EASY installation
  • Simple data collection through web API or integrates with an ERP of your choice
  • GPS Location - Accurate to within 10 meters
  • Tank Fluid levels and dispensing usage
  • Temperature detection
  • 10-year Lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How does installation work?

Installation is simple, fast and easy. The Haztracker sensor mounts inside the tank with two screws. Using a template the installer drills two holes in the top of the tank in the area desired to mount the sensor. The sensor is then mounted in this place with two screws that thread in from outside the tank. 

Does the HazTracker work in cold weather?

The HazTracker is certified to -20C, however it's effective operating temperature extends to -40 Degrees Celsius. 

What are the benefits of the HazTracker?

The HazTracker mitigates the need to travel to and from all of your field tanks, as they are managed remotely. This also speeds up the billing cycle at the end of the month as you can accurately measure the volume of chemical dispensed.

How is the sensor synced?

The sensor comes pre-synced for your tank type. We will work with your team prior to installation to gather all of the necessary information.

What happens if the sensor falls into the tank during installation?

The sensor is completely fluid and airtight and is highly chemically resistant. In the event it is dropped during the installation process, the installer would need to collect it from the bottom of the tank, rinse and wipe it clean to ensure the tank level sensor is clear of debris and reinstall the sensor on the top of the tank.

Can the HazTracker sensor be used in metal tanks?

Not at the moment. Development of our metal tank sensor is currently underway, with the same expected battery life and parameters. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more!

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